Copper Rainchains

Rain Chain

At Copper Roof Ontario we have a large selection of Rainchains to choose from.  Add beauty and function to your home.

Rainchains are gaining popularity with people that want an artistic and unique alternative to traditional downspouts. An attractive, unique, copper, hand-crafted rainchain will add excitement and positive energy to any outdoor space.

Rainchains (also known as Kusari Doi) originated in Japan, dating back more than a century ago. Rainchains are used in the Japanese Feng Shui known as Fushui, meaning wind and water. The rainchain is placed throughout gardens as a water feature and can also be functional by directing rain water into cisterns or rain barrels to be used in the garden at a later time. This practice of conserving water is a great idea for the eco-friendly minded individual.

Copper rainchains can be as individual and unique as the person buying them and offer a real artistic focal point and charm to any garden or home. There are many different styles including cup, link and floral designs. They are extremely easy to install by securing it to your gutter and securing the bottom to your rain barrel or a nice cedar box filled with decorative stones and can be beautifying your garden in 10 minutes.   To learn more visit; and contact us.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Copper

When choosing your next roof if you are concerned about your personal carbon footprint and want to minimize your impact on the environment choose copper.  Copper is 100% recyclable and in some cases the manufacturer’s new product is made up of 95% recycled copper, reducing landfill and production emissions.  There is also no limit to the amount of times that copper can be recycled, so new product doesn’t always have to be mined making copper a sustainable product.  sureen sunrooms cupola fix 021Copper was first used by mankind 10,000 years ago.  Nearly all of the 700 billion pounds of copper mined worldwide to date are still in circulation today.  With 5.8 trillion pounds of known copper resources on Earth the supply of copper seems to be unlimited.  Copper roofs and other architectural applications’ durability and life span are generally measured in generations not years because of copper’s exceptional ability to last and look great.  Add to this durability the fact that copper naturally inhibits the growth of harmful pathogens such as bacteria, mould, algae, fungus and viruses and you have a 100% eco-friendly product that is beautiful and will add long term value to your home for many years to come.